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Pink Flower

"After separating from my husband I felt so low and anxious all of the time. My self esteem and confidence were at an all time low and I couldn't even face going to work. Natasha supported me to help me reflect on the breakdown of my marriage and helped me to gain a sense of control again over my life"



"I was dubious about starting counselling I didn't really expect it to work. However after working with Natasha I was able to make the changes that i needed to make in my life" Natasha is professional, caring and very skilled at what she does. I am so pleased I started counselling"



"Me and my husbands marriage was in a really bad place when we came to start therapy with Natasha.

 Natasha was so patient and understanding and she really listened to both of our views. She helped us to remember why we first fell in love and made us feel that we did have something worth fighting for. Our relationship has improved dramatically and we are now more confident about our future relationship together" 


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