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Natasha Page

BA MSc BACP Accredited

Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Director and Lead psychotherapist 

This is Me Counselling and Psychotherapy

Natasha is a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (B.A.C.P) this means that she is bound to adhere to their ethical code of conduct.

Natasha's commitment and passion for working in the field of counselling and psychotherapy are, first and foremost, what you can feel confident in.  She strongly believes that through the process of talking to another in a safe, non-judgemental environment, people can achieve the changes they want to make in their lives.

Yellow Flowers
Are you feeling low in mood?
Is your anxiety affecting your everyday life?

Do you feel that things are out of your control?

Have you lost a sense of who you are or what you want from life?

Maybe you feel that you cant control your anger?

You don't have to keep feeling like this,
counselling can help you.

Personal Services

Natasha offers counselling services to people from all different backgrounds and works with all ages from young children to adults. 

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One to One Therapy

Talking therapy can help those who access it to improve their emotional wellbeing and work through personal issues such as addiction, bereavement, illness, mental health issues, relationship difficulties or trauma (not an exhaustive list). Based in Wollaton which is conveniently located so i can work with both clients from Nottingham and Derby. I also provide online and the telephone so if you are not based locally i can still work with you.

Child on Smartphone

For children

Natasha has lots of experience working with children, young people and their families. She was based within a Children and Adolescent mental health team for over five years. She has a natural ability to engage with young people, working creatively to explore how they are feeling. This can be through different medians such as talking, art work, or play focused therapy. Natasha Tailors the way she works to the needs of the individual child/young person. Natasha holds a CRB which is regularly renewed.

Sad on Couch

For young adults

Counselling can help children with lots of different issues such as coping with everyday worries, exam stress, peer relationships, identity, and relationships with family and at school. Counselling can also help with self-harm, grief, depression and anxiety, and learning difficulties, to name a few. Counselling provides a space for the child/young person to have someone to talk about

Family of Three

For families

We all feel worried or low from time to time sometimes, and that’s ok. Lots of people feel sad or worried at times about exams, or their friendships at school or even speaking out loud in front of people.It is also ok to feel sad or worried every now and again it is normal for our emotions to be up and down. If you feel sad or worried on most days and the way you are feeling is starting to affect your day to day life, counselling may be helpful for you.

Holding Hands

For couples

No relationship is the same so different people will come to sessions with different aims to get out of the sessions. However, people often find that engaging in relationship counselling sessions can help them feel more aware of how to progress within the relationship.

Relationships can be transformed which can improve the quality of life for people who engage in relationship counselling. For some people they may come with a specific issue they want to resolve. In most cases people feel more confident and reassured about the decisions they make during therapy.

Work/Professional Services

Natasha has a breadth of experience and is able to provide mental health consultation services and professional clinical supervision.

Professional Supervision

Supervision is a vital element of ensuring that therapists are practicing in the safest and most ethical way with their client. Supervision can help the therapist to explore their case work as well as acknowledge their own well being within the therapy that they are providing to others. In order to adhere to the required number of hours as set out in the B.A.C.P ethical framework practitioners must engage with 1.5 hours of supervision on a monthly basis.

Crowd Applauding

Training and Consultancy

Natasha is also a trainer and consultant in the field of mental health. She is a qualified Youth Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor which is a 2-day, internationally accredited course.
Natasha has worked for the local authority and delivered training sessions at the University of Nottingham. Because she is in current practice as a counsellor and psychotherapsit she brings a breadth of knowledge to her training sessions, Natasha is able to design bespoke workshops for your needs.


"After separating from my husband I felt so low and anxious all of the time. My self esteem and confidence were at an all time low and I couldn't even face going to work. Natasha supported me to help me reflect on the breakdown of my marriage and helped me to gain a sense of control again over my life"


"I was dubious about starting counselling I didn't really expect it to work. However after working with Natasha I was able to make the changes that i needed to make in my life" Natasha is professional, caring and very skilled at what she does. I am so pleased I started counselling"


"Me and my husbands marriage was in a really bad place when we came to start therapy with Natasha.

 Natasha was so patient and understanding and she really listened to both of our views. She helped us to remember why we first fell in love and made us feel that we did have something worth fighting for. Our relationship has improved dramatically and we are now more confident about our future relationship together" 

A safe place to explore how you are feeling

This is me counselling and psychotherapy has a comfortable, private therapy room easily accessed by public transport.


A short walk away from Nottingham City bus routes the Trent Barton number 2 bus which travels from Ilkeston to Nottingham City Centre, drops you straight outside the therapy room. If driving there is access to parking on the roads near by.

The counselling room has a pleasant view with tranquil surroundings to help clients to feel relaxed and at ease.

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